A Penny For Your Thoughts

“A Penny For Your Thoughts” can be traced back as far as the 1500s.  No one actually knows who coined the phrase but it must have been someone who was curious of the thoughts of others.

As Independence Day draws near, I have started to reflect on what a penny means in the United States.  The penny is nostalgic, historic, collectible, a symbol of good luck and a tribute to one of the greatest leader’s our country has ever known.

If you ask my mom about the penny, her eyes light up and she remembers the days when she would take a few pennies to the local drug store and buy handfuls of candy.  If you ask my husband about the penny, he would tell you it helps him remember his history lessons. He will always remember that Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 because the first Lincoln Cent was minted to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.  If you ask my father about the penny, he would show you jars full of pennies that he is saving for his grandchildren.  If you ask my niece about the penny, she recites the rhyme “If you see a penny pick it up and all day long you will have good luck.”

And as for my thoughts about the penny, I believe it represents freedom- the image of Lincoln who fought for freedom and equality, the word Liberty that rang out as our great nation was being shaped, and the words In God We Trust which form the foundation of the United States.

Happy Birthday U.S.A.

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