Please Mr. Postman

Did you know the US Postal System was born on July 26, 1775?  Ben Franklin was the first postmaster general.  He served that title under the United Colonies until he went to France in late 1776 as a diplomat.  Franklin established many systems that made the US Postal Service what it is today.  He issued the standard rate chart which based the delivery cost on distance and weight.

Franklin is the most common post office name.  The oldest post office continuously housed in the same building since 1816 is in Hinsdale, New Hampshire.  The most unusual delivery method is by mule, where mail is delivered in the Grand Canyon.  There are close to 42,000 zip codes in the United States.  The easiest zip code (12345) to remember is for General Electric in Schenectady, New York.  Over 525 million pieces of mail are processed each year.

You can learn the complete history of the United States Postal System by visiting the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum, located in Washington, DC.


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