Hobby of Kings

Why should kids collect coins?

Reason number one…coins are educational. Children can learn history, geography and math all while collecting coins. For example, Statehood Quarters may be used to teach United States geography and of course a child can learn addition, subtraction and percentages by counting coins.

Reason number two…coins are historical. Coins are a great way to learn US and world history. Coin designs, compositions and denominations all tell the story of our great nation.

Reason number three…collecting is a fun family activity. Coin collecting is an activity that can be shared between all ages and may be done during all seasons.

Beginning a collection can be as simple as emptying your pocket change. Statehood Quarters, Bicentennial Pennies, Westward Journey Nickels are all coins you may find at the bottom of your purse or in the pocket of a favorite coat. They all play an excellent role in a beginner’s collection.

Coin collecting is a fun independent activity or a great social activity. Coin clubs are a fantastic way to learn about coins, trade coins and see rare coins.

American Coin Treasures offers educational, historical and collectible items to enhance your established coin collection.  Browse the website and find items that will get your child excited about coin collecting today!

American Coin Treasures

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