Another New School Year

Another Labor Day has passed by bringing in a new school year.  Students of all ages are stepping off buses with backpacks on shoulders heading into classrooms.  The new school year offers students important dates in history, math facts, assignments in geography and most importantly lessons in life.  Now it is up to the students to accept the challenges offered by the new school year.

Walk through the halls of an elementary school and you may hear… teachers discussing past Presidents of the United States, teaching addition, or asking questions regarding metals, minerals and ores.  Peek into the classrooms and you may see…a teacher holding up a shiny golden Presidential Dollar coin with the obverse displaying an image of President Teddy Roosevelt, a teacher pulling a $1.00 bill from one pocket and a quarter from the other and placing them in a jar, or a teacher holding up an Indian Head Penny, Lincoln Steel Penny and Lincoln Memorial Penny to show the difference in metal compositions.

Sneak into a lecture hall on a college campus and you may monitor a course called Numismatics and the Historian or Appraisal Studies.  Listen as the lecturer discusses ancient coins, collectible coins and paper money…how they relate to society, history and their value.

Change is all around us just as a students go from one classroom to the next, coins and currency are exchanged from one hand to another and moments are defined in history.

Patriotic Pennies203.main

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