Rare $4 Gold Coin Goes To Auction

Get ready for the gavel to strike and the auction to begin on Monday, September 23 for a rare $4 Gold Coin.  The coiled hair Stella is up for auction at Bonhams in California.  The $4 Gold coin is valued at 1.5 million and is said to be “perfectly preserved.”

The $4 Gold Coin was minted in 1880 and only approximately only 10 are known to be in exsistence.  The coin was designed by George Morgan.   The $4 Gold piece was proposed as the United States’ answer to international coinage.  The idea was soon discarded and the coin was never issued for circulation by the US Mint.

American Coin Treasures proudly offers an entire line of Genuine US Gold Coin Jewelry Pendants.   http://www.americancointreasures.com/gold_jewelry_s/333.htm

The $5 Liberty Gold Piece Half Eagle will add style and elegance to your attire this holiday season.  The Genuine Gold Coin minted from 1839 to 1908 is set in a dome 14 K gold bezel and hangs from an 18 inch rope chain.  Delicate yet strong, the $5 Liberty Gold Piece Half Eagle Pendant is historical and collectible.  Imagine the conversations that will begin as people admire the beautiful Lady Liberty  around your neck.  http://www.americancointreasures.com/5_Liberty_Gold_Piece_Half_Eagle_Coin_in_14k_Dome_p/11733.htm?r44b=no


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