Mascot Status

I am not one to MEOW all about it but this is big news for a cat who was once homeless…

It’s official, I am the mascot for American Coin Treasures.  Here is some background information regarding American Coin Treasures:  Founded in the Mid 1980’s American Coin Treasures has become one of the largest coin dealers in the United States. Because of their large buying power and creativity, American Coin Treasures has also tapped into the jewelry market by creating and manufacturing its own line of unique, collectible coin jewelry.  American Coin Treasures selection of coins, jewelry, pocket knives and graded coins makes it a one stop site for all your gift needs.

I have seen first paw, what great gifts American Coin Treasures products make for someone special.  I watched my nephew Sam open up A Year To Remember collector coin box set.  His young eyes were as  big as a saucer of milk as the following words rushed out of his mouth, “Whoa, these coins are as old as me.  I am going to keep them forever!”  He is seven and it was the first time he saw a JFK half-dollar.  I was in the process of one of my daily cat naps when I heard my 65-year-old aunt exclaim what a cool gift she just opened.  My human parents gave her a New York Times Front-page Year To Remember.  As Aunt Peggy held up the framed front page dated July 31, 1947 everyone gathered around to read the headlines.  I heard my grandma say she hung on her family room wall the very next day!

American Coin Treasures also offers Rescued, A Year To Remember Pet Frame which was inspired by me, Socks.  I was rescued after my human parents saw me hanging outside their house looking for something to eat and a warm place to sleep.  They took me in, had me neutered, found out I am FIV + and have diabetes but decided to keep me.  And now here I am a STAR with his very own American Coin Treasure and the mascot to a company whose products are Historical, Educational and Collectible.


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