Washington Monument

Did you know the Washington Monument opened to the public on October 9, 1888?

Did you know that there are 50 flags surrounding the Washington Monument?  Each flag represents a state in the union.  The flags are not the only representation, “building blocks” were contributed from each state to commemorate George Washington.

Isn’t it fitting the image of President George Washington is on the obverse of the Quarter and the reverse from 1999 to 2008 displays a different state in the union. The Statehood Quarter program was enacted on December 1, 1997. The first quarter in the program, the Delaware Statehood Quarter was released in 1999.  The New Jersey Quarter shows not only the bust of Washington on the obverse flip it over and Washington is crossing the Delaware on the reverse.  Mount Rushmore which features Washington as one of four presidents carved into stone is on the reverse of the South Dakota statehood quarter.

The Statehood Quarter program began in hopes of bringing in new generations of coin collectors. It ended up being the most successful numismatic program in US Mint history. The statehood quarters gave new coin collectors a chance to identify with the coins by displaying history, tradition and famous places. In 1998 the Washington Monument began a renovation which lasted until the year 2000. The renovation included a new information center. Information was a piece of the pie that led to George Washington’s success on the battlefield and as President of the United States. George Washington is recognized as the “Father of His Country.”



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