Proud To Be An American But Still Seeking To Keep The Swede In Me

I am proud to be an American.  I would not want to reside in any other country.  I was born in the Heartland of the United States…Indiana.  I have lived in Maryland, in Texas, in Virginia and in Florida.  I have loved living in them all…but even though I am proud of my country, I am still proud to also call myself Swedish.  Two of my great grandparents were both born in Sweden.  My grandfather grew up speaking Swedish in Chicago.  I learned how to make Swedish Christmas cookies as a child and Swedish pancakes as a teen. I loved to listen to Abba and watch Greta Garbo movies.  The first time I came across a Swedish coin, I wanted to keep it in my pocket for good luck.

American Coin Treasures is proud to announce its Heritage Collection.  The collection consists of jewelry made from coins from other countries.  The collection includes money clips and bracelets.  Items are coming to soon.  So you can enjoy your heritage while being proud to be an American.

Here is a sneak peek at the collection…


And if you are Swedish you are in luck because some items are already available

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