Got Green

St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Why?  Because I love adding a little green to my day.  The kelly green of St. Patrick’s Day gives you the promise of spring.  It reminds you of trees covered in leaves and a carpet of rich full grass.  Being an American of Irish descent lends a sense of pride and ownership to the holiday.  That is why I wear a little green and add a lucky four-leaf clover to my attire.

This year I will be sporting a IRISH THREEPENCE FOUR LEAF CLOVER AND GREEN HEART CHARM PENDANT from American Coin Treasures.  It is the perfect accessory for the holiday.  The four-leaf clover supports an Irish three pence displaying the harp side, which is the national symbol of Ireland.  The Irish three pence was minted from 1928-1969.  It was designed by Percy Metcalfe as part of the barnyard series.  The pendant also has two green heart charms that hang above the clover from the 18 inch silver tone pewter chain and a lobster claw clasp.

Legends say the four leaf clover brings good luck. The Irish Three Pence Four Leaf Clover Pendant keeps in tradition with leaves representing faith, hope, love and luck.

Here’s to being green!



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