June Is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Did you know American Coin Treasures mascot is a cat?  Socks is a rescue cat, who has FIV and diabetes.  Homeless, Socks stumbled into the yard of American Coin Treasures Vice President and National Sales Manager.  The big black cat’s friendly and relaxed personality won him a spot in the VP’s house.

The VP remembering a bit of Japanese folk-lore…

“The stray cat and the shop: The operator of a shop takes in a starving, stray cat. In gratitude, the cat takes up a station outside the establishment and beckons in new visitors, bringing prosperity as a reward to the charitable proprietor. And so the tale goes; the “beckoning cat” has been a symbol of good luck for business owners.”

promptly put Socks to work.  He chooses weekly products for American Coin Treasures Instagram page.

In honor of June being Adopt A Shelter Cat, Socks picked the new specials for American Coin Treasures website.  Of course he chose items for coin and cat lovers alike.  You can see the specials by clicking here:  www.americancointreasures.com/Specials_s/12.htm

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