As a young child growing up in Indiana, summer was a joyous time.  June, July and August consisted of popping tar bubbles, splashing through mud puddles, riding bikes, skipping rope, playing softball, chasing the ice cream truck, eating watermelon, running through the corn fields and back to school shopping.

Every August when I was in elementary school my mom would drive me to Sears to do my back to school shopping.  The internet didn’t exist back then, the closest shopping mall was 45 minutes from our home.  As an elementary student I would get new dresses, pants, shirts, shoes and a new lunch box.  I remember having a few different “Peanuts Gang” lunch boxes, who doesn’t love Snoopy.

As the years passed so did my summer activities, tar popping and puddle jumping turned into drive in movies and bonfires.  One thing always stayed the same Back to School Shopping.  I loved getting new clothes for school and the lunch box turned into new jewelry.

As the heat of August wound down and the cool of September breezed in I was ready to head back to school.  I loved the first day of the new school year, seeing friends you hadn’t seen since the beginning of June and wearing that new school outfit.  It always felt like a new beginning filled with endless possibilities.

American Coin Treasures has coin jewelry on special for back to school shoppers.  The collection of earrings, bracelets and pendants will start your school year off with wearable history, geography, mythology and language arts. You can find American Coin Treasures Back to School Specials here:


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