More Than An Accessory, It’s A Statement Of Style

As I travel across the country and present our men’s accessories, I am often asked, “Who wears cuff links, a tie clip or carries a money clip?”

Instead of just answering off the top of my head, I started researching the question.  I began to pay attention to the way men dress on television, in magazines and on the internet.  I viewed news reporters, sports analysts and movie stars wearing these items. I also studied men at airports, restaurants and social events.

I came to the conclusion that all types of men wore these accessories…young/old, fat/thin, black/white, suits/club goers, executives and staffers. I noticed they all had one thing in common, STYLE. They all had a sense of style that spoke of confidence and a goal-oriented attitude. When I watched them I thought this person seems self-assured, optimistic and organized.

Cuff links are devices used to fashion a shirt cuff together.  They give the wearer a crisp, tailored look to their attire.

Tie clips are used to secure a tie in place.  They lend an organized and professional look to a man’s attire.

Money clips are used to secure currency. They suggest a person is secure and precise. They also give a man’s pants a more streamlined look in the pocket area.

So now when I am asked the question.  I answer with examples of not only successful public personalities but of the everyday man I see on the street. The man who catches my eye with his statement of style.


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